About me

About me


Welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself - Andrew Koust.

I am a free-lance English-Russian interpreter, have more than 20 years of experience, with all types of interpretation – consecutive, whispering, and simultaneous.

A few words about each:

• Simultaneous interpretation:
is used more frequently. The interpreters sit in a booth with a clear view of the meeting room, listen to the speaker through headphones and interpret the speech as it unfolds, i.e. simultaneously, into the other conference languages.
This requires high levels of concentration and interpreters will therefore need to alternate every 20 to 30 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for events with a large number of participants and for the broadcasting media.

• Consecutive interpretation:
the interpreter sits at the table with the delegates or on the platform next to the speaker and interprets the speech into the required language once the speaker has finished speaking.

• Whispering:
When only one or two delegates require assistance, the interpreter can sit next to them and whisper into the required language.

English language has always been a part of my life, my father worked in INTOURIST, and I could read and speak English at 6. Studied in a Foregn Language University, graduated in 1993, to be noted that I was the best student, three-time winner of Students English Language Competition in my country.
I started to work with English language during the 4th year at the University, first – with foreign tourists who visited Uzbekistan, then in Malaysia, with x-USSR tourists. Then I developed my communication skills.

In 1992 I started to work as a free-lance interpreter, but I had several office jobs, too:
As a PA to the Country ResRep, in DAI International, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_Alternatives_Incorporated
As an office interpreter in EBRD Office in Uzbekistan

Since February 1996 – free-lance.
My first experience of simultaneous interpretation was back in November 1996 – during an official visit of HRM Price Charles to Central Asian countries.
Since then I have worked, as a simultaneous interpreter, at about 2000 international events, covering several dozens of topics.
I can assure you, that I am capable to work with any topic or subject, even complex and rare, if I’m given reading materials to prepare, in advance.

If you need an experienced interpreter,
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